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About Retrospect Images

Hi! I’m Ginny, the owner and principal photographer of Retrospect Images and I have the best job in the world-telling love stories. Each wedding day I have the honor of photographing is unique and I hold each couple close to my heart as I document the small moments, big emotions, and precious memories as they unfold on a wedding day.

My style is a unique signature blend of emotional candid moments, dreamy portraits, and styled details which capture not just how the day looked, but how it felt. Golden natural light is my best friend and getting clients comfortable in a way that elicits real laughs, evokes genuine romance, and captures your true dynamic is my favorite.



I find that I have relationships with my clients that are more along the lines of a friendship, which makes a big difference in comfort level on your wedding day.

I’m a mother, a wife, a sister, and a daughter. I am quirky and can find humor in just about everything. To find out a little more about my personality, click here.

With almost 100 weddings under my belt, each couple remains permanently etched in my mind and each has left me with a warmer heart and brighter outlook on the word, its people, and how they love.

Thank you for trusting me with your memories. I can’t wait to capture your love story.



(photo courtesy of Kristine Michelson Photography).